July to December 2020

Regional Human Rights Situationer

In Region 1, due to the implementation of community quarantines and
travel bans, many OFWs and Seafarers bound to leave the country were not
allowed due to the pandemic. With this situation, efforts of the Regional Line
Agencies such as Department of Labor Relations and Employment, Overseas
Workers Welfare Administration among others are still in effect. The services
extended to these migrant workers include DOLE AKAP and OFW Tulong sa
The newest program launched by the Department of Science and
Technology is called iFWDPH. It is geared to assist displaced migrant workers
or their family to venture on small businesses to create alternative source of
income. This program will assist and capacitate OFW and their family to
engage into business, by providing capacity building activities and needed
However as the year ends, some OFW opted to pursue their employment
as the travel was lifted if they will execute an affidavit stating among others,
their compliance to prevailing health protocols in our country and the country
of destination.

Regional Human Rights Issues/Concern

In the region, it is a fact that we are suffering from COVID-19 pandemic
however there are other instances that reason for being repatriated was due to
illegal termination. For some OFWs, Balik Manggagawa or new, despite the
existence of this pandemic, they opt to pursue their employment abroad.
For the CHR Region 1 office, for the period of July to December 2020
there are four OFWs (Balik Manggagawa) and one family of OFW that were
assisted. The issues raised by these OFW are the following:
a. Execution of Affidavit of Undertaking required before being deployed
to the country of destination;
b. Assistance during her hearing on the illegal dismissal;
c. Execution of explanation to avail of herself the Financial Assistance
Program of OWWA; and
d. Repatriation of the remains of her husband.

Assessment, Findings and Conclusions

Some OFW and their families are availing of the services of CHR-RO1 for
various purposes. Starting from child support, labor cases and other legal
issues they may encounter. The office on the other hand was able to provide
referral, legal advice and other legal services.
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