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A petition was filed with the Commission on Human Rights seeking to establish how climate change is related to the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters and how human rights of the Filipinos are affected by them.

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National Inquiry on Climate Change Report

For the past two decades, the Philippines has been identified by the Global Climate Risk Index (GCRI) as among the top ten countries most affected by climate risks.
The case was the first of its kind in its attempt to haul “carbon majors” in one “global petition” involving human rights. It sought to promote the notion that businesses have an obligation to respect human rights, as enunciated under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
Volumes of testimony and supporting evidence from affected persons, groups and the scientific community were documented through the National Inquiry on Climate Change (NICC) hearings in order to determine if climate change has an effect on Filipinos’ fundamental human rights and understand the science behind climate change and other related phenomena, such as ocean acidification. Through this documentation, the CC HRO continues to assess the impact of the Philippine government’s compliance with International Treaty obligations, especially those relating to environmental protection and climate change and makes policy recommendations to policymakers and administrators, as warranted by its findings.

Timeline of NICC Events