With the upsurge of the COVID-19 affecting the whole country and the world, the Regional
Office have shifted its focus mainly on monitoring Local Government Units (LGUs) in their
response vis-à-vis the pandemic.
In the early part of the year, workplans were already finalized in preparation of the
upcoming gender-related project, plans and activities (PPAs). At the onset, the whole
country was stricken with the pandemic affecting the implementation of mostly planned
activities in the region.
To date, the office has submitted the Regional GAD Plan with a goal to cater the clients
as well as the organization-focused through the development of PPAs based on the
identified issues coming from the data collected at the ground level. This report shall
consist of program implementation and/or activities for the month of January-May 2020.
Hence, this report.


In line with the strategic role of the CHR as Gender Ombud and more importantly
institutionalizing Gender and Development in the conduct of Promotion and
Protection Program and Policy Related Program, was able to implement remotely the
PPAs. Under the Promotion and Policy Services the region has provided the following
activities but not limited to the following, to wit; Awareness Raising Activities, InterAgency Collaborations and Gender-Related Trainings. Here are the some of the
activities that we conducted in partnership with Local Government Units and /or
Agencies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from in and outside the Region, to wit;
A. Promotion Services
The region had already sent out communications to partner agencies and networks
with respect to planned activities for the first quarter, such as the Regional
Stakeholders Meeting (RSM) which is a quarterly meeting with partner agencies
and Civil Society Organizations. The first quarter meeting will focus mainly on the
Women‘s Month Celebration and capacity building activities already identified
during the last quarter meetings. Legal Clinic Caravans (two schedules) were

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