f-e w SEVENTEENTH CONGRESS OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) ) First Regular Session ) , > C" I‘ |1' <0lfltt of llie<?^i’tt i l.iry '16 JUL 20 P3:15 Kl ( r i v BY: SENAI!fiR 5.B. No. b o b In tro d u ce d by: S enator Paolo Benigno "B a m " A. A q u in o IV AN ACT DECLARING THE NATIONAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY AS A NONWORKING HOLIDAY, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSE REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10689, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS "A N ACT DECLARING AUGUST 9 AS NATIONAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY AND MANDATING THE MEANINGFUL OBSERVANCE THEREOF" EXPLANATORY NOTE Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines are an integral part of our nation. Their rich cultural heritage and tradition is something that we continue to protect and promote through the efforts of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples. Unfortunately, the long history of Indigenous Peoples' contribution to the democracy we now enjoy is little known to the general public. Indigenous Peoples are often only recognized through media coverage that highlights the challenges they are now facing as a minority sector in our country. From the Igorots of the Cordillera to the Lumads in Mindanao, Indigenous groups have long been on the battleground to defend our land and protect our independence. This bill seeks to amend Republic Act No. 10689 by declaring August 9th of every year as a special non-working holiday, known as National Indigenous Peoples Day, to honor Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines. A special non-working holiday dedicated to Indigenous Peoples will serve to elevate the importance that is given to them and will serve as a yearly opportunity to celebrate their past and continued participation in society. We must recognize Indigenous Peoples' valuable role and importance, and uphold their dignity to continue our journey toward building an inclusive society. Let's take a day each year to celebrate the rich history and culture of our Indigenous Peoples! In view of the foregoing, the passing of this bill is earnestly sought. S enator P a e l^ e n ig n o "B a rt/' A. A q u in o IV

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