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Climate change effects on the worst-case storm
surge: a case study of Typhoon Haiyan

- Attribution of the July–August 2013 heat
event in Central and Eastern China to
anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions
Shuangmei Ma, Tianjun Zhou, Dáithí A
Stone et al.

To cite this article: Izuru Takayabu et al 2015 Environ. Res. Lett. 10 064011

- Real-time extreme weather event
attribution with forecast seasonal SSTs
K Haustein, F E L Otto, P Uhe et al.

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- A comparison of model ensembles for
attributing 2012 West African rainfall
Hannah R Parker, Fraser C Lott, Rosalind
J Cornforth et al.

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- Anthropogenic influences on major tropical
cyclone events
Christina M. Patricola and Michael F.
- Numerical Simulation of Heavy Rainfall in
August 2014 over Japan and Analysis of
Its Sensitivity to Sea Surface Temperature
Yuki Minamiguchi et al
- A Framework for Holistic Designs of Power
Line Systems Based on Lessons Learned
from Super Typhoon Haiyan
Kaoshan Dai et al

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