.- ( I ' 13thCongress of the Republic of the Philippines First Regular Session ) 1 1 SENATE S.B.374 .#!::.,,:' ,.,.. :. ,./:-. ~ . .. "-.-" C L . I , . . . I 5 Introduced by Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr. EXPLANATORY NOTE This bill seeks the creation of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF). NCMF takes over the functions of the Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA), which is hereby proposed to be abolished. It is tasked to oversee the local and national affairs involving Muslim Filipinos that includes the implementation of economic, educational, cultural, and infrastructure programs for Muslim Filipino communities. NCMF, which is under the Office of the President, shall be composed of nine (9) full-time members who are Muslim Filipinos. This Commission shall advice and assist. I the President in the formulation, coordination, implementation and monitoring of policies, plans, programs and projects affecting Muslim Filipino communities, and shall serve as the medium through which such assistance may be extended to Muslim Filipinos. It shall likewise administer all programs, projects, and activities, and formulate the necessary rules and regulations, and coordinate with pertinent offices to ensure the success of the annual Hag (Pilgrimage) to Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the NCMF shall promote and supervise, in coordination with appropriate agencies of the government, the implementation of the Madrasah education system. This bill also provides for the various Bureaus of the Commission consisting of the Bureau of Economic Affairs, Bureau of Muslim Cultural Affairs, Bureau of Muslim Settlements, Bureau of External Relations, and the Bureau of Pilgrimage and Endowment. It is fervently hoped that through this bill, the rich Muslim culture will be preserved and the rights and well-being of Muslim Filipinos will be ensured. The passage of this bill is ,

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