10/12/2019 E-Library - Information At Your Fingertips: Printer Friendly 808 Phil. 795 EN BANC [ G.R. No. 181284, April 18, 2017 ] LOLOY UNDURAN, BARANGAY CAPTAIN ROMEO PACANA, NESTOR MACAPAYAG, RUPERTO DOGIA, JIMMY TALINO, ERMELITO ANGEL, PETOY BESTO, VICTORINO ANGEL, RUEL BOLING, JERMY ANGEL, BERTING SULOD, RIO BESTO, BENDIJO SIMBALAN, AND MARK BRAZIL, PETITIONERS, VS. RAMON ABERASTURI, CRISTINA C. LOPEZ, CESAR LOPEZ JR., DIONISIO A. LOPEZ, MERCEDES L. GASTON, AGNES H. LOPEZ, EUSEBIO S. LOPEZ, JOSE MARIA S. LOPEZ, ANTON B. ABERASTURI, MA. RAISSA A. VELEZ, ZOILO ANTONIO A. VELEZ, CRISTINA ABERASTURI, EDUARDO LOPEZ, JR., ROSARIO S. LOPEZ, JUAN S. LOPEZ, CESAR ANTHONY R. LOPEZ, VENANCIO L. GASTON, ROSEMARIE S. LOPEZ, JAY A. ASUNCION, NICOLO ABERASTURI, LISA A. ASUNCION, INEZ A. VERAY, HERNAN A. ASUNCION, ASUNCION LOPEZ, THOMAS A. VELEZ, LUIS ENRIQUE VELEZ, ANTONIO H. LOPEZ, CHARLES H. LOPEZ, ANA L. ZAYCO, PILAR L. QUIROS, CRISTINA L. PICAZO, RENATO SANTOS, GERALDINE AGUIRRE, MARIA CARMENCITA T. LOPEZ, AND AS REPRESENTED BY ATTORNEY-IN-FACT RAMON ABERASTURI, RESPONDENTS. RESOLUTION PERALTA, J.: For resolution are petitioners' Motion for Reconsideration and Supplemental Motion for Reconsideration of the Court's en banc Decision dated October 20, 2015, the dispositive portion of which states: WHEREFORE, the petition is DENIED and the Court of Appeals Decision dated August 17, 2006, and its Resolution dated July 4, 2007, in CA-G.R. SP No. 00204-MIN, are AFFIRMED. SO ORDERED. In their Motion for Reconsideration, petitioners maintain that it is the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), not the regular courts, which has jurisdiction over disputes and controversies involving ancestral domain of the Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICCs) and Indigenous Peoples (IPs) regardless of the parties involved. Petitioners argue that the rule that jurisdiction over the subject matter is determined by the allegations of the complaint, admits of exceptions and can be relaxed in view of the special and unique circumstances obtaining this case, i.e., the actual issue, as elibrary.judiciary.gov.ph/thebookshelf/showdocsfriendly/1/63044 1/32

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