Complaint Source: GBV CASE IN LIPA CITY, BATANGAS A pregnant minor child was scheduled for her CS delivery on April 28, 2020. She then went to Lipa Medical Center and as part of the hospital's protocol, she was tested for COVID-19 using the rapid testing and found her positive of the said virus however her PCR results are not yet released. On the account of her rapid testing result, she was advised by her OB-GYN to go home and wait for the PCR results. In addition, she was informed that since she is COVID-19 positive, she has to give birth together with other COVID-19 patients. Her cousin who is an employee of the Commission on Human Rights sought advice from the CHR on the policy of the Department of Health about pregnant women who are asymptomatic COVID-19 positive. The CHR advised them to call the DOH Hotline. She was informed and referred to Batangas Medical in case she starts her labor. Lastly, they are also concerned about the discrimination against them on the basis of rapid testing.

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