nation’s efforts towards disability prevention and rehabilitation leading to the effective integration
of persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society.
SECTION 2., All departments, agencies, offices, GOCCs and LGUs and other government
agencies/instrumentalities as well as the mass media and the entire citizenry are hereby required
to extend their whole-hearted support and cooperation by conducting specific programs necessary
to give effect to this order.
SECTION 3., All public and private welfare agencies are hereby enjoined to participate and
cooperate actively in propagating the plight of persons with disabilities. Any financial
contributions and/or fund-raising shall be tax-exempt (which shall include the sweepstakes draw,
among others).
SECTION 4., Funding – Funds necessary to carry out the provisions of this Administrative
Order shall be sourced out by the concerned agencies from the appropriation prescribed under
Section 29 and 31 of the General Appropriation Act of 2002 starting this year. Thereafter and in
the ensuing celebrations, all concerned government agencies shall allocate an amount equivalent
to not less than 1% of their total budget for the year as provided for under Section 29 & 31 of the
2002 General Appropriation Act.
SECTION 5., Repealing Clause all orders, issuances, or parts thereof Inconsistent with this
Administrative Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.
SECTION 6., Effectivity. This Administrative Order shall take effect immediately.
DONE in the City of Manila, this 3rd day of May in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and
President of the Philippines
By the President:
Executive Secretary

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