Complaint Source: GBV Case in Batasan A girl from Batasan is being physically abused by her foreigner step-father. She sought for help online and a staff of Women's Legal and Human Rights Bureau (WLB), a non-government organization seen the said online post and thereafter referred the said physical abuse to the WBL and to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). CHR Gender Equality and Women's Human Rights Center (GEWHRC) extended assistance to the girl-victim by finding a shelter for her, provided counselling and arranging the immediate transfer to a found shelter. The GEWHRC was able to obtain the approval of higher officials of the CHR to use temporarily the CHR as shelter. Private groups also offered the girl-victim for shelter. On the other hand, the victim decided not to pursue the case against her step-father as her mother made a commitment that she will no longer be hurt and she will be protected from her step-father.

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