LIST: 2021 International Human Rights Day activities, protests

*In celebration of International Human Rights Day, civil society groups in the country are preparing for activities and protests where Filipinos can express their support for human rights* MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines has witnessed a string of human rights abuses in the time of Duterte – from the war on drugs, attacks against critics and even the media, to the mismanaged pandemic response. It was also during Duterte’s time when the feared anti-terror law was passed and implemented. Days before the celebration of human rights day this year, the Supreme Court voided anti-terror law’s Section 4, which would have made dissent or protest a crime if it had an intent to cause harm. The decision of the Supreme Court has garnered mixed reactions from lawmakers and other civic groups. It is within this backdrop that the Philippines would be celebrating the 73rd International Human Rights Day on Friday, December 10. The theme for 2021 is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ first article: that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.