E-Library - Information At Your Fingertips: Printer Friendly 1 of 14 http://elibrary.judiciary.gov.ph/thebookshelf/showdocsfriendly/1/57204 738 Phil. 871 THIRD DIVISION [ G.R. No. 209302, July 09, 2014 ] ALONE AMAR P. TAGLE, PETITIONER, VS. ANGLO-EASTERN CREW MANAGEMENT, PHILS., INC., ANGLO-EASTERN CREW MANAGEMENT (ASIA) AND CAPT. GREGORIO B. SIALSA, RESPONDENTS. DECISION MENDOZA, J.: This is a petition for review on certiorari under Rule 45 of the Rules of Court, assailing the October 31, 2012 Decision[1] and the April 12, 2013 Resolution[2] of the Court of Appeals (CA) in CA-G.R. SP No. 117886. This case originated from a claim for payment of permanent total disability benefits, medical expenses, damages, and attorney’s fees filed by petitioner Alone Amar P. Tagle (petitioner) against respondent manning agency, Anglo-Eastern Crew Management, Phils., Inc.; its foreign principal, Anglo-Eastern Crew Management (Asia); and Anglo-Phils’ president, respondent Capt. Gregorio B. Sialsa (respondents). In her Decision,[3] dated November 27, 2009, Labor Arbiter Lilia S. Savari (LA) granted petitioner’s claim for permanent total disability benefits and attorney’s fees but dismissed his claim for sick wages and damages. On appeal, the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) modified the award given by the LA by lowering the disability grading to Grade 11 and deleting the award of attorney’s fees for lack of legal basis. Accordingly, petitioner was awarded the amount of $7,456.00 or its Philippine Peso equivalent.[4] After his motion for reconsideration was denied by the NLRC, in its November 15, 2010 Resolution,[5] petitioner filed a petition for certiorari with the CA.[6] The CA dismissed the petition for lack of merit.[7] Petitioner’s attempt to seek reconsideration met the same fate.[8] The Facts: On June 16, 2008, petitioner was hired by Anglo-Eastern Crew Management, Phils., Inc. for Anglo-Eastern Crew Management (Asia) and was assigned to work on board the vessel NV Al Isha’a as 3rd Engineer. On July 19, 2008, just two days after boarding the vessel, petitioner was found unconscious inside the engine room of the 3/27/2020, 12:39 PM

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