Qt}ffic£of t~:e 'r£si~eui of tIle 'Iy~ippiU~5 p s ~n[ataUn1tg EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. CREA.TING THE OFFICE RECALLING in Article"'II, LIBRAR"Y 122-B FOR NORTHEP,N CULTURAL COMMUNTTIES that the reorganization of the Section I (a), and Article III government is mandated expressly of the Fr:eedom Constitution; HAVING IN MIND that, pursuant to Executive Order No.5 {1986), it is directed that necessary and proper changes in the organizational and functional structures of the government, its ager.cies and instrumentalities, be effected in order to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of public services; BELIEVING that the new government is committed to formulate more vLgorous policies, plans, programs and projects for Tribal Filipinos, otherwise known as Indigenous Cultural Communities, taking into consideration their communal aspirations, customs, traditions, beliefs aond interests in order to promote and preser\Te their rich cultural heritage and insure their participation in the country's development for national unity; riff M " Title. AFFIRMING that the creation of a specialized agency duly 'ppropriate powers and functions has become necessary to effectively ~uch policies, plans~ programs and projects; #!.NO~"'j virtues and the 'rH~RF1'"(,\Qj;' ~-¥..~, r'f'\QA'7f'\"T'" v. _V~\..C\.,,'"'.., of the powers vested Freedom Constitution, SECTION 1. Act T ~, Creating Office A~' J NO T ,<'.I. , ~ rt"eS in me by the sovereign do hereby order: id en t or ~ will 'iested with8.1 implement t ..e n !;. '1 i i~ ..nl... pp Lies, of the .ThisNorthern ExecutiveCulturai Order Communities. shall otherwise For Filipino '- OJ' People be known as the. the SEC. 2. Office For Northern Cultural Communit.les. The Office for Northern Cultural Coiiimi:inities, encompassing all members of tribal grou~s in Regions.I, II and III, hereinafter referred to as Office is hereby created, in accordance with the provisions of this Executive Order and subject to the super'lision and contro.l of the President. SEC. 3. Declaration of Policy. It is henc-eforth the policy of the State to ensure the rights and well-being of ~1orthern Cultural Communities, which consist of non-Muslim'hilltribes and ethnolinguistic minority groupst with due regard to their beliefst customst traditions and institutionst as t~ell as to further ensure their contribution to national goals and aspirations and to make them active participants in nation-building. SEC. traditions! in 4. conformity _developme [} t. Manda te. i1!;~IJonG with the The Office shall- preserv-e and develop and w~_l:J.~b~,I.ng_of_tb_e__nortllern culttl-rai ~ountry's 113ws and in consonance wlth national the cuI ture, communiti$?s, unity anti ./

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