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Sexual Harassment

This booklet is a component of
the GBV Observatory project of
the Gender Equality and Women's
Human Rights Center (GEWHRC) of
the Commission on Human Rights
(CHR) of the Philippines. For more
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Access to Remedies


As the Focal Commissioner on Women and LGBTQI, it is my pleasure to
present this Handbook on Ending Gender-Based Violence for Women, Girls,
and LGBQI. The development of this handbook is part of the fulfillment of
our role as Gender Ombud under the Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710),
and as part of our GBV Observatory. We know that despite the gains of
women’s movement in enacting laws addressing GBV, many forms of GBV,
particularly against women, girls, and LGBTQI continue to happen.
In the Philippines, the 2017 National Demographic Health Survey reports that 1
out of 4 married women have experienced violence, it also reports that only 1/3
of those who experience violence seek help. The Commission’s Mapping of GBV
Legal Referral Mechanisms last 2019 has documented the continuing gaps in
accessing justice in cases of gender-based violence (GBV), the gaps include lack of
information and knowledge of the laws, and of protection and referral mechanisms,
accessibility of and availability of services, and insensitivity of service providers.
Through this Handbook, which we intend to disseminate widely, we hope
to be able to provide information on basic laws addressing GBV. We aim to
make information available and to reach out to women, girls, and LGBTQI
who may be at risk or survivors of violence and in need of information to
access remedies. We wish to send the message that we can break the
silence, stop the abuse, and that the Commission, as Gender Ombud, is
among the agencies that they can seek guidance and help from.
We are one with you in building a world free from all
forms of violence and discrimination.

Commissioner Karen Gomez-Dumpit

Focal Commissioner on Women and LGBTQI

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